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Aiming to eliminate the barrier of entry into the field for students of all backgrounds.

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QUIUC was started in Spring 2019 to establish a community of students, faculty, and industry professionals with a combined interest in the future potentials of quantum computing to reshape our world. With the advent of the IQUIST, the University of Illinois made it clear they are supporting research in the field, however there still remained a gap for undergraduates to get involved or even just learn what the hottest buzzword in science was even all about. This is what QUIUC is meant to fulfill and supplement.


As a Special Interest Group (SIG) under the UIUC ACM Chapter, we are open to and have a place for students from any background or skill level. Aside from our educational workshops and research projects teams, we are working to bring in academic and industry professionals interested in giving tech talks, collaborating with our groups, or supporting our end mission.


Quantum Computing Course

At QUIUC, prior experience is never a limitation for those willing to learn. Through self-paced courses provided through ACM and hosted by qBraid, we aim to provide introductory Quantum Computing knowledge to all UIUC students interested in the field. Currently, there are two courses offered: an introductory course ("QuBes") that introduces students to the physics and math involved with quantum computing as well as an intermediate course ("QuInts") which offers a more detailed understanding of quantum computing concepts. Both courses are hosted in cloud-based Jupyter Notebooks, providing students access to real IBM quantum hardware to run their code on.


QuBes - an introduction to Quantum Computing for everyone

The introductory QuBes course explores the tools required for exploring the world of classical computing and follows up with introductory quantum computing concepts. The QuBes course covers the following topics:

  • An Informal introduction to quantum mechanics
  • Basics of classical computing, including basics of Python
  • Basics of complex numbers and linear algebra
  • Introduction to qubits, quantum gates and quantum programming
  • Simple quantum algorithms: Deutsch's algorithm, BB84
  • Entanglement and non-local games


QuInts - Quantum Computing crash course for those with some mathematical background

The QuInts course provides a more rigorous look at content presented in the QuBes course, providing a fast-paced alternative to QuBes. Assuming the student's knowledge in basic prerequisites such as Python, linear algebra, and other mathematical concepts, this course is designed to take the student from zero quantum computing experience to a rigorous understanding of some famous algorithms and protocols in quantum computing.


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Educational Workshops

Currently, in-person workshops have been put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Virtual workshops are in the works, though, so stay tuned!

Research Projects

In tandem with our educational workshops we support project teams interested in diving into learning more about an area through experience. Example project ideas include building out a simple quantum simulator, implementing algorithms on quantum frameworks (i.e. IBM Q Experience, Google CIRQ), and any other projects that members pitch. As an organization we do not dictate the projects people work on; it's whatever you and your peers want to delve into! Instead QUIUC will try to be a resource to those projects through infrastructure, seeking out faculty mentors, or connecting that project with industry.

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Past Events

Feb 2 — 3:00pm

Weekly Projects Meeting

Siebel Room 1103

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Jan 26 — 3:00pm

First General Meeting

Siebel Room 1103

Learn more about QUIUC, our open leadership positions, and what you can do to participate.

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